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Ministry of Science and Technology is former “Ministry of Science, Technology and Energy” which was established on 24 March 1979 under the Amendment Act of the Proclamation of Revolutionary Party No.216 dated 29 September 1972 and announced in Royal Gazette Vol.96 dated 23 March 1979.

Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (MOSTE) had 3 main responsibilities : science and technology,environment and energy. MOSTE had its roles and objectives to formulate the national policy on 3 aspects, to implement these policies efficiently and in coordination to bring about the most socio-economic benefits and national stability.

Due to MOSTE's responsibilities on science and technology, environment and energy was not directly related in each field, the mechanism to achieve the objectives of national development was inefficient. MOSTE should restructure the administration to be 3 Ministries: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Science and Technology in order to solve the above problem.

The government has restructured the bureaucratic system in October 2002. According to the Bureaucratic Restructuring Act B.E.2545(Section 5), Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment has changed its name to “Ministry of Science and Technology”

Ministry of Science and Technology consists of 13 organizations: 4 government agencies, 4 autonomous agencies, 2 state enterprises and 3 public organizations (see Organization Chart of MOST)


M = merit , modernization

O = outcome – oriented

S = social accountability

T = transparency

= teamwork

His Majesty King Rama IV

His Majesty King Rama IV, known to foreigners as King Mongkut, devoted his spare time to study of astronomy and was able to predict the accurrence of the total solar eclipse, at Wa Kor sub-district in Prachuap Khiri Khan province on August 18, 1868 over a century ago-so well as if he were equipped with modern scientific equipment. In 1982, the Bangkok Bicentennial Anniversary Year, the Thai Government designated him the “ Father of Science of Thailand ” . The Thai Scientists are all grateful to him for his pioneering spirit in introducing modern science to national development. Therefore, they all reached a consensus to make August 18 of every year the “Thai National Science Day”