The 6th World Thai Martial Arts Festival , 14-17 March at Wat Mahathat


AYOTHAYA HOTEL , The Best Hotel in Ayutthaya and The only hotel in the old Kingdom of Ayothaya – a world heritage site of Ayutthaya, Thailand proud to present The 6th World Thai Martial Arts Festival , 14-17 March 10 at Wat Mahathat

Ancient city holds the big and interesting Thai boxing Martials Art

Demonstrate excellent self defense art and Thai boxing performance

Nai Khanom Tom is the original Thai boxing art , he is the Ayuthaya native , born in Ban kum, BangBan once was arrested as a captive by Myanmar in Mangra King era who is fond of Thai art boxing very much then he decided to conduct a fighting competition . Nai Khanom Tom as a captive at the moment has come up begin to fight with other. He has showed his style of Thai art boxing as the best until Myanmar king Marng ra admires his powerful fighting tactics with wisdom method to get many foes down without extra weapon. King mang ra teach him that if you are powerful but being have internal conflict and lack of unity , you also lose everything until life . Currently the wave of Thai Martials art and boxing has boost up the all male heart to come to the Thai bout so that this art will be existed with Thai people forever.

Welcoming and World Thai boxing respecting ceremony

6 the exhibition of self –defense and fighting art of Thai boxing

Sunday 14, 2010 from 16:00-20:30 hrs

At Wat Mahathat one of historical park in Ayuthaya

16:00 Opening for registration , supper dinning together , entertaining with

Variety of demonstration ; Aranyik sword making, holy tattooing , ancient weapons and tasty , delicious thai food with original style

18:00 Welcoming addressing ( Thai – English )

Welcome for experience veteran teachers of fighting art

Parade of veteran teacher to ceremony area

Sacrifice for Thai ancestor of glorious teacher

18:10 Group of Indian monk start to do a acrifice for Thai ancestor of glorious teacher and warriors

Good auspicious tread head wearing of Thai experience fighters

M.C addresses to kinds of Thai art with Thai music

High class boxing teacher demonstrate dance of Thai teacher respecting ( Wai Khru )

Krabee –Krabong dance by Thai Krabee-krabon teacher

Sword dancing by high class sword teacher

18:15 M,.C addresses to the ceremony of Wai Khru) , fortune , auspicious wearing

Participant attends Ceremony of Wai Khru

Thai boxing

Rewarding and fortune tread ceremony of gifted fighter

Fortune tread wearing level 19 golden monkol 9 for veteran teachers

Fortune tread wearing level 18 golden monkol 8 for vice veteran teacher

Fortune tread wearing level 17 golden monkol 7 for deputy veteran teacher

Fortune tread wearing level 16 golden monkol 6 for experience teacher

Fortune tread wearing level 15 golden silver monkol 5 for experience teacher

Fortune tread wearing level 14 silver monkol 5 for principle

Fortune tread wearing level 13 bronze silver monkol 3 for deputy principle

Fortune tread wearing level 12 red-yellow monkol 2 for training teacher Fortune tread wearing level 11 red-white monkol 1for deputy training teacher

Wai Khru ceremony by the association of self defense and Thai fighting

Fortune tread wearing level 10 red monkol Class 9 for Brown white

Fortune tread wearing level 8 brown monkol Class 7 for Blue white Fortune tread wearing level 6 silver monkol Class 5 for Green white Fortune tread wearing level 4 green monkol Class 3 for yellow white

Fortune tread wearing level 2 yellow monkol Class for white

18:50 M.C addresses and invites all participants by showing Wai Khru dance


Ceremony of Group of participant picture taking

19:00 MC addresses to have dinner together surrounded by Thai music

MC invites governor of Tourism Authority of Thailand to address

Purpose of this event

19:30 MC addressed to 1st demonstration

20:00 MC address to the feature of elephant norishing its trunk

20:30 complete and finish this event

Salab Fan Pla

in English mean Cross Switch Movement is the master of basic movement to escape outside in order to use the other techniques. The attacker walks in and strikes the defensive’s face with the left punch. The defensive steps obliquely forword to outside with the weight on the right leg.

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