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Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, in collaboration with Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Provincial Administration Organization, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Municipality, Mueang Ayothaya Municipality, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Office, the Ayutthaya Sino -Thai Cultural Association, and Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Tourism Business Association is organizing the “ 4th Ayutthaya Auspicious Chinese New Year 2010” or “Trut Chin Krung Kao Ayutthaya Maha Heng” (Super Good Luck) during 15 -19 February, 2010, on Naresuan Road, in front of the Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Municipal Office. There are many interesting activities; such as, worshipping deities from the 16 Chinese shrines of the 16 districts of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya where these deities will be invoked to the venue for bringing various kinds of auspiciousness; such as, Shai Sing Aea, the deity of good fortune, the votive object market, astrological forecast, Chinese Lantern (Teng Lung) Contest, China Town Children’s Contest, Chinese Singing Contest, Golden Dragon and Lion Shows, including the presentation from the People’s Republic of China; Chinese music show from Liaoning District (Shenyang Province), and the Royal Chinese Opera show from Jilin District (Changchun Province), and goods fair.

Chinese History in Ayutthaya ‘s Kingdom

Chinese culture is one of world oldest culture is popularly well known all over the world including in Thailand. Base of Chinese legend , Thailand is one of the land that Chinese monk Fahian in the early era has founded and conducted his Sansakrit language study in NakornsriThammaratProvince .

The evidence showed the diplomatic relation between China and Ayutthaya’s kingdom during the era of Por Khun ram Khamhaeng the great by the time the Chinese Emperor Si Joh has brought the teacher of Sankhalok porcelain making procession . At the time China not only know Ayutthaya , but also know Kingdom of Lawoe ( Lopburi at present )

Ayuthaya’s period has happened in Chinese royal letter show King Thai Joh in China at the time has made a bilateral and diplomatic with Ayutthaya which its 20 years old of Thailand capital by the way Thai King Pranakarinthiraj of 6 th king in Ayutthaya’s dynasty has ever visited China and is the happening story of China and Thailand in commercial exchange . He also got the Chinese King’s name Chiao Lok Kwanindratothira ( King Intharathiraj) .

During the King Tai sa as the 30th king of Ayutthaya at the time has opened door to China for commercial relation and also China allowed us to sell rice up to 45,000 tons without tax , that show good relation tighten from both sides

Chinese people way of living in Ayutthaya.

Once Most of Chinese people moved to Thailand , settled down and made their live by selling thing with Thai people until the number of growing Chinese people increased annually and gradually become bigger community of Chinese people . Actually they have all right as Thai , married Thai people , blending the two culture together . Most of Chinese has decided not evacuate to their homeland because our similar and appropriate culture cause them to stay in Ayuthaya as forever

Chinese New Year at AncientCity ,

Ayutthaya One of the land of great auspicious period

During February 15-19, 2010

Along Naresuan road from Chao Prom market to Chao Ai and Chao Yi Pagoda

Very wealthy when pay respect all 83 Chinese sacred Shrines in 16 Ayutthaya’s district

Chai Sing Hia : God of Fortune

Thai Suai Hia : God of life horoscope protection

Kuan Ou : God of Honesty

Hok Lok Siew : God of 3 great wishes of Chinese

Schedule Of Chinese New Year Festival

Date : February 14, 2010

Time : 09:00-1600 hr

Representatives of each Chinese Shrine to bring Portraits of God to set up in the provided places along Naresuan Road at the front of Tessabaan Pra nakornsriayutthaya

Date : February 15, 2010

Ceremony of King’s Sacrifice

06:00-07:00 : Participants arrive at event area

07:00-08:00 : Resume of King ‘s sacrifice rite of Ayutthaya era

08:00-08:30 : All invited monks conduct a holy watering to participants in the event

And having breakfast together by receiving food container ( Pinto)

09:00-10:30 : begin to make an offering to spirit of Holy God and Goddess to get power of

Fortune in life

10:30-24:00 : People join this event and pay respect to beloved gods and goddess to

To wish a fortune in life also meet good things in the future

18:30-24:00 : entertaining play on stage

Chinese Music Show of Liaow ning County from China

Chinese dancing show ( ngiew) of ChiLinCounty from China

Chinese costume dressing of kids contest

Date ; February 16, 2010

08:00:11:30 : Respect to daily God , sacrificial ceremony

18:00-24:00 : adore and worship to all sacred shrines

18:30-24:00 : entertainment and play show on the stage

Chinese music show of LiaoningCounty

From China

Lion and dragon parade show

Thai singing and music contest organized by Suntharaporn ‘ band

Date ; February 17, 2010

08:00-11:30 : Respect to daily God , sacrificial ceremony

13:30 : 0people parade gathering at Naresuan Road at the front of Tessabaan Ayutthaya

14:00 : set up people parade

15:30 : opening ceremony and release people parade

17: 00 : parade arrived at Tessabaan Phranakornsri Ayutthaya

18:30 : Celebrate Chinese new year festival

18:30-24:00 : Play and music show on stage

Music live show

Lion and dragon show from Ratchaburi and Nakornswan

Miss Chinese pageant contest

Date ; February 18, 2010

08:00-11:30 : Respect to daily God , sacrificial ceremony

18:00-24:00 : adore and worship to all sacred shrines

18:30-24:00 : Play and music show on stage

Music Live show

Show of dragon and lion dancing

Light and sound display

Date : February 19, 2010

08:00-11:30 : Respect to daily God , sacrificial ceremony

18:30-24:00 : Play and music show on stage

Music Live show

Thak you party to all sponsors and event organizers

The 5th Chinese new year even handing over ceremony of next year

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